Minimal intervention during treatment and saving tooth tissues is today the future of dentistry, which reduces the amount of teeth extractions in favor of endodontic treatment. It is very important that both the technological facilities of the dental office (appropriate specialist equipment in the form of e.g. a microscope, hot guttapercha, ultrasonic devices etc.) and the experience of a dentist specialised in Endodontics go together. Thanks to the modern method, the treatment of dental canals is extremely fast and effective. In addition, in the case of endodontics we are dealing with providing the patient with the highest possible comfort during the visit.

What Endodontics is?

Endodontics is endodontic or root canal treatment. It belongs to the most frequently performed dental procedures. Due to the huge progress in dental, endodontic treatment is almost painless and takes place under local anesthesia. It is performed under dental microscopes. It is most often carried out in the case of pulp infection, which arises with advanced caries, but also after tooth trauma or in case of a cyst.

Endodontic treatment in Dental White

Endodontic treatment, i.e. root canal treatment under the microscope, consists of thorough root canal cleaning and rinsing by means of chemo-mechanical method. Then the canals are filled tightly with flowable guttapercha. The latest technical achievements and the skillful hand of Endodontist allow, in most cases, to carry out and terminate root canal treatment on one visit, without the need to devitalize the tooth. Endodontic treatment is carried out using local anesthesia, which is enough to ensure the safety of the procedure and the patient’s comfort. A rubber-dam is used for treatment. It is a special rubber pad that isolates the tooth from saliva and bacteria. Thanks to it, nothing gets into the throat, so the patient can swallow saliva and the whole treatment is more effective. In Dental White, we use the latest equipment, which is why the endodontic procedure is fast, efficient and safe.


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When should root canal treatment be started?

Root canal treatment becomes necessary when the pulp of the tooth is attacked, that is, the tissue filling its interior, which is composed of blood vessels and lymphatic vessels as well as nerve fibers. In some cases, it happens that the tooth does not give pain, and yet there is an irreversible bacterial infection of the pulp. In most cases, patients requiring root canal treatment complain of acute pain in the affected teeth. Endodontic treatment is also necessary in some cases of tooth injury. This method of treatment is also sometimes used due to prosthetic indications. Infected dental pulp and pathological changes occurring in it are sometimes visible on the radiological image, which is performed before the procedure. Thorough cleansing, chemo-mechanical treatment of the root canal and its tight filling, for which special microscope is used, in the vast majority of cases leads to remission of bone changes and bone regeneration.

Does root canal treatment hurt?

Dynamic progress in dentistry, also known as modern endodontics, allows the use of modern equipment, which translates into increased patient comfort and efficient treatment. Endodontic treatment is carried out using local anesthesia. Thanks to it, it is safe and comfortable. It should be emphasized that the sooner we report the problem to the endodontist, the more efficient and more comfortable the endodontic procedure will be.

How long does root canal treatment last?

The root canal treatment method is selected depending on the severity of the inflammation. It is necessary to perform X-ray to determine the shape, length of the canal and the size of the infection. Then local anesthesia, opening the tooth cavity, removing the diseased pulp, cleaning, rinsing and drying the canal is performed. Root canal filling it with appropriate dental materials is the last step. Progress in dentistry allows to end up the treatment even on one visit.

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