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At Dental White, we deal with the diagnosis and treatment of malocclusion and maxillofacial malformations of adults and children. We restore proper bite to children with milk or permanent teeth and adults. Therapy, conducted by an experienced orthodontist using the most modern achievements of science and technology, is primarily aimed at ensuring proper teeth relations and draws attention to the appropriate proportions of the lower and middle sections of the face. As part of our therapy, it is often recommended to use modern, fully functional and the most comfortable devices and other accessories used during orthodontic treatment. After using such an orthodontic appliance, the tooth system changes radically and can have a very beneficial effect on the facial features. Thanks to the use of appropriate orthodontic therapy, not only the health of the teeth and the oral cavity is improved, but also the appearance, and with it also the well-being of the patient.

As part of the Ortodontic care we offer:

  • Fixed orthodontic appliances (ceramic and metal)
  • Removable orthodontic appliances
  • Invisalign (transparent tooth straightening pads)
  • Space maintainers
  • Preparation for the orthognatic surgery

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Thanks to the use of modern methods of treatment and high quality equipment, we are able to offer our patients a type of individual therapy that will not only bring the expected results, but also be the most comfortable for the patient. Orthodontic appliances that we use during treatment are made with the utmost care, ideally suited to the needs of patients. We make sure that the devices we use, especially those mounted permanently, are not only functional and effectively support the treatment of malocclusion, but also have an aesthetic appearance, which is known to many people as very important. By using our orthodontic services, the patient obtains a guarantee of comprehensive orthodontic care at the highest level.

Take advantage of physiotherapy during treatment

Physiotherapy as an adjunctive therapy is used in patients with hyperactivity of chewing muscles (grinding, bruxism), ailments in the temporo-mandibular joints or with excessive muscular tension.

Most often, physiotherapy is indicated for the reconstruction of the bite (tooth loss, deprogramation) and for orthodontic treatment.

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