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Nazwa zabieguCena PLN/oddo
Scaling + sand blasting + polishing250
Scaling + sand blasting + polishing + fluoridation300
Sand blasting - 1 arch80
Scaling - 1 arch80
Teeth polishing50
Additional sand portion for sand blasting50
Local anaesthesia30
Healing dressing - ZnO+Eug, GI100
Sensitiveness treatment (1 tooth)50
composite filling:
1 surface200
2 surfaces250
3 surfaces300
4 surfaces/reconstruction350
Direct composite veneer400
Fiber post reconstruction400
Additional fiber post in one tooth100
Discoloration removal ICON® - 1 tooth300
adpatation visit100
Sealing (1 tooth)150
Extended sealing200
Milk tooth pulp amputation200
Milk tooth filling250
Reconstruction for rubber dam150200
Primary root canal treatment - 1 canal tooth450
Primary root canal treatment - 2 canals tooth700
Primary root canal treatment - 3 canals tooth1000
Primary root canal treatment - 4 canals tooth or more1200
Root canal retreatment - 1 canal tooth550
Root canal retreatment - 2 canals tooth900
Root canal retreatment - 3 canals tooth1200
Root canal retreatment - 4 canals tooth or more1500
Streamlining the obliterated canal (single procedure)300
Cement removal from root canal (single procedure)300
Fractured device removal from root canal300
Perforation closure with PRO-ROOT MTA200
Tooth whitening after root canal treatment - 1 visit100
Dental X-ray30
Diagnostic models150
Wax up (one point)50
Mock-up (one point)70
Implant supported crown porcelain/metal OSSTEM, GlobalD, BEGO, Thomenn3000
Implant supported crown porcelain/metal Straumann3500
Implant supported crown porcelain/zirconia (full white) OSSTEM, GlobalD, BEGO, Thomenn4000
Implant supported crown porcelain/zirconia (full white) Straumann4500
Temporary implant supported crown OSSTEM, GlobalD, BEGO, Thomenn1500
Temporary implant supported crown Straumann2000
Pontic in implant supported bridge OSSTEM, GlobalD, BEGO, Thomenn1500
Pontic in implant supported bridge Straumann2000
Porcelain/metal crown (point in bridge)850
Composite crown (punkt w moście)600
Porcelain/gold crown (point in bridge)1600
Porcelain/zirconia crown (full white) (point at bridge)1600
Direct temporary crown200
Temporary acrylic crown - indirect300
Telescopic crown1000
Gold telescopic crown2000
Crown/bridge cementation - done at another practice100
Precise element with crown/bridge600
Inlay, Onlay - composite600
Inlay, Onlay - metal/porcelain850
Inlay, Onlay - porcelain1600
Composite veneer800
Porcelain veneer1600
Dental post - metal400
Complex dental post - metal500
Complex dental post - gold1600
Dental post RHEIN (sphere)600
Removable denture - metal/acrylic1500
Removable denture - akrylic > 10 pts (Full arch)1200
Removable denture - akrylic 7-10pts (tooth, clamp)1000
Removable denture - akrylic < 7pts (tooth, clamp)800
Precise element in prosthesis (rhein matrix, bar matrix, telescopic crown matrix)400
Reinforcement for acrylic removable prosthesis (wire, net)300
Prosthesis relining indirect500
Prosthesis relining direct400
Prosthesis fixing (each point)150
Metal prosthesis welding300
Relaxation splint/ sport splint500
Whitening splints (pair)500
Relaxation splint - Centric relation800
Crown removal200
Dental post removal300
Bite reconstruction: wax-up and mock-up1500
Kois deprogrammer500
Locator on implant and in prosthesis2500
Locator change in prosthesis200
Maxillofacial Surgeon Consultation300
Single rooted tooth extraction200
Multi rooted tooth extraction300
Root chiselling400
Wisdom tooth chiselling700
Surgical dressing - collagen sponge and sutures100
Abscess drainage200
Gingivectomy around wisdom tooth200
Sutures removalbezpłatnie
Apectomy with backward filling1000
Clinical crown elongation300
Closure of oro-maxillary connection300
Sinus lift - closed method2500
Sinus lift - open method4000
Dental implant placement OSSTEM, GlobalD, BEGO, Thomenn3000
Dental implant placement Straumann3500
Dental implant placement Straumann SLActive®4000
Orthodontic implant800
Bone reconstruction - one tooth area2500
Histopathological examination of biopsy200
Periodontal consultation with pockets' measurement200
Gingivoplasty (punkt)150
Recession coverage with connective tissue graft2000
Closed curretage - one tooth150
Opened curretage - one tooth200
Pocket rinsing + medicament (Alvogyl)50
Teeth whitening - home method with splints800
Teeth whitening at dental practice1000
Home whitening + whitening at dental practice (set)1400
Orthodontic consultation 100
Orthodontic consultation + models 200
Diagnostic models 150
Orthodontic treatment plan 150
Removable orthodontic appliance – Schwartz plate 700
Removable orthodontic appliance - bimaxillary 800
Removable orthodontic appliance – Twin block 1400
Control visit with one removable appliance 100
Control visit with two removable appliances 150
Metal braces 1700
Cristal (white) braces 2700
Invisalign - orthodontic splints - Full16000
Invisalign - orthodontic splints - Lite11000
Invisalign - orthodontic splints - Express6000
Control visit - 1 arch braces200
Control visit - 2 arches braces 270
Palatal arch 250
Palatal arch with loops 500
Face mask 700
Headgear 700
Reteiner 300
Retention control 100
Braces removal 150
Striping 50
Retention plate 600
Retention splint500
RME (Haas' appliance) 750
Herbst appliance 1300
Additional bracket, pipe 200
Additional visit - orthodontist 50
Simple complication50
Complication with new element200
Bite plane500
Additional ring50