Regulations for the settlement of services provided in the DENTAL WHITE Dental Office

These regulations set out the terms and conditions for the settlement of services provided at the DENTAL WHITE Dental Clinic in Warsaw, at Klonowicza Street 2, U3.

§ 1


Cabinet – Dental White Dental Office located in Warsaw at Klonowicza Street 2 lok. U3

Doctor – a person who performs the profession of dentist in the DENTAL WHITE Dental Office in Warsaw, Klonowicza Street, 2 place, U3

Hygienist – a person practicing the profession of a dental hygienist at the Dental Clinic DENTAL WHITE in Warsaw ul. Klonowicza 2 place U3

Patient – a person who uses or intends to use the Services provided by doctors and / or a dental hygienist at the Dental White Dental Office

Consultation – consultation of a dentist and / or dental hygienist assessing the patient’s state of health

Dental treatment – performing dental treatment and / or dental hygienization

Treatment – dental treatment and oral hygiene procedures lasting at least 60 min.

Registration employee – persons responsible for informing the patient about the regulations in force in the office, keeping a register of records to doctors and charging fees for services rendered.

Booking an appointment – booking by the patient the dates of Consultation and / or treatment and / or surgery

Service order – Patient’s declaration of will constituting an offer to conclude a Sales Agreement with the company Lekarz Dentysta Michał Jonasz, specifying the type of Services being the subject of the Sales Agreement.

Cancellation of a visit – notifying the Cabinet of cancellation of a visit in a predetermined time in writing, i.e. via e-mail sent to the address:

Advance payment – an advance on the rights of deposit specified in (Article 394 § 1 of the Civil Code of Poland).

Two business days – two full business days before the date of the visit, e.g. a visit arranged on Tuesday, cancellation without loss of the advance payment may occur on Thursday by 23:59

§ 2

Rules for the settlement of services rendered

  1. First visit – before meeting with a doctor, the patient pays a consultation fee of PLN 100. After the visit, the doctor evaluates the value of the visit in accordance with the price list in force in the Cabinet. The registration employee informs the patient about the price of the visit. If the value of the visit is PLN 100, the patient is informed that no additional payment is required. If the value of the visit is higher, the patient receives information on the amount of the additional payment, minus the amount of the consultation fee.
  2. Subsequent visits – if the doctor assesses that another visit is required and the patient agrees to continue treatment – thus he orders the service, the registration employee sets and saves the date of the visit and collects an advance for the appointment or visits in the amount of 100zł.
  3. The procedure – if the patient makes an appointment for the procedure – places an order for the service, the reception employee reserves at least 60 minutes. a visit and the patient pays an advance for the procedure. After the visit in time, the advance payment is credited towards paying for the service.
  4. Advances are usually collected in the office, during registration of the visit. A receipt / advance payment invoice is issued for Confirmation of the advance payment. When booking a visit by phone or electronically, the patient is informed about the need to make an advance payment to the office’s account.
  5. If the patient cancels the booking of a visit by phone, in person or in writing within a period shorter than two business days or within a period longer than 2 business days but without setting a new date of the visit, the advance shall be forfeited. The patient will receive information about this fact in person or by e-mail.
  6. If the visit is canceled by the patient at least two business days in advance or if the cancellation of the visit is notified in less than two business days due to a sudden illness (it is necessary to present a sick leave) and a new appointment will be set – the advance carried forward to the next visit.
  7. If the agreed date of the visit is again canceled by the patient, regardless of the date, the advance will be forfeited.
  8. In the event of unpredictable circumstances, e.g. lack of electricity or water supply to the office or sudden illness of a doctor or hygienist, the reception employee shall immediately inform the patient about the need to postpone the appointment, stating its reason. Such an event is treated as a force majeure, therefore the patient cannot have any claims due to the lack of performance of the service within the set time limit.